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182 Table of Contents

1956 through 1986 Cessna 182 Fixed Gear Skylane Buyers Guide Table of Contents

1.  Introduction

Every year, John Frank gives numerous talks, seminars, and classes on Cessna aircraft each year (including Oshkosh and AOPA Expo). He has been told hundreds of times, "Boy, I wish I had talked to you before I bought my 182!" That's why he wrote this book.

2.  History of the Cessna 182

How the Cessna single-engine line evolved into the first Model 182 in 1956, and how the 182 changed dramatically during its 27 year production run.

3.  Cessna 182 General Description

  Dimensions and specifics of the model

4.  Is the Cessna 182 the Right Plane for You?

A frank discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the Cessna 182. It flies like a truck, but it'll carry almost anything you can close the doors on, and it has enough performance to handle serious IFR. Revealing comparisons with competitive aircraft.

5.  Considerations on Buying an Older 182

An early model can be purchased for a song, but when you consider all the costs, a later model might be a better buy. Detailed cost analysis and guidelines are provided.

6.  Safety Aspects of the Skylane

Numerous 182 accidents have occurred because the owner had inadequate knowledge of the aircraft's systems and idiosynchrasies. A detailed discussion of fuel system, carburator icing, and other crucial safety aspects that every 182 owner should know.

7.  Insuring a Skylane

A realistic assessment of what kind of experience and ratings you need to get insured, and a detailed look at what sort of premiums to expect.

8.  Frequently Asked Questions About Skylanes

A potpourri of answers to the most common 182 questions. Discusses different engines, powerplant TBOs, fixed-gear versus retractable models, using autogas, gross weight, paint, ARC radios, and more.

9.  Let's Talk About Performance

A discussion of speed, useful load, and other performance considerations. Detailed year-by-year model performance comparisons, and comparison to other Cessna models.

10. Performance Comparison between 182 Skylane Model Years

11. Comparison of Cessna 182SKylane Performance to other Cessna        Models

12.  Cessna 182 Changes by Model Year

The most detailed tabulation ever assembled of precisely what changed from one year to the next during the Cessna 182's 30-year production run.

13. Landmark Models of Cessna 182 Skylanes

Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of various model years, and how to figure out "which year is the best."

14. A Word About the Turbocharged T182

A discussion of this Lycoming-powered, turbocharged version of the Skylane.

15. Cessna 182 Skylane Serial Numbers

A tabulation of the starting and ending serial numbers of each model year.

16. Determining Operating Costs

Discussion of direct costs, variable costs, fixed costs, reserves, and capital costs. Includes a detailed worksheet for calculating hourly operating costs, with specific case studies.

17. Modifications

A discussion of aftermarket modifications, including extended fuel tankage, fuel caps, standby vacuum systems, STOL kits, speed modifications, and horsepower increases.

18. How to Price a Skylane

A tabulation of bluebook values and how they should be adjusted for various situations.

19. Bluebook Values

            Bluebook values and Trade-A-Plane asking prices

20. The Pre-Purchase Inspection, Key to a Good Buy

How a pre-purchase inspection should be accomplished, who should do it, and what it should cost. Includes a detailed point-by-point program for inspecting a 182 before purchase, with detailed discussions of exactly what you and your mechanic should look for. If you're shopping for a 182, this chapter alone could save you thousands of dollars.

21. Cessna 182 Airworthiness Directives

A discussion of the most important ADs that affect Cessna 182s.

22. Cessna 182 ADs in Chronological Order

A year-by-year tabulation of Airworthiness Directives.

23. Cessna 182 ADs in Alphabetical Order

The AD list ordered alphabetically by vendor.

24. Getting a Good Checkout in a Cessna 182

If you're stepping up to a Cessna 182, you need to find a CFI who is experienced in Skylanes, and then ask your instructor to read this section. It discusses exactly what a good 182 checkout should cover.

25. Paperwork Involved in Buying an Aircraft

Discusses title searches, sales contracts, bills of sale, FAA registration, state registration, FCC radio station license, insurance, and applying for a custom N-number.

26. Conclusion

Some final words of wisdom that will keep you from making a big mistake.

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