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Course Introduction

CPA offers two- and three-day total-immersion systems and procedures courses for all single-engine Cessna models from the 150/152 to the 210, as well as for the 310/340 and 337 twins. CPA also offers a Flight Control Rigging Program, Landing Gear, and Owner Performed Maintenance Programs.

Would you invest one weekend to learn more about your Cessna airplane than 99% of your fellow Cessna owners will ever know? If you want to learn about your Cessna, there is simply no better way than by attending these seminars. Each of the instructors is an experienced mechanic, aircraft owner, and high-time pilot. We will go through all the systems and how they work, problem areas, maintenance tips, and safe operation. A particularly interesting section of each seminar is "powerplant management."

Here are just a few comments from course attendees:

“CPA is by far the best investment I have made in aviation!”

“This has been my third CPA course over 15 years or so.  I always enjoyed being here. The information has always been exceptionally useful, cogent and relevant. I’ve always learned something.  The program is training money exceptionally well spent."

“Both Tom and John are competent & enjoyable instructors. CPA should be proud.”

"I went into this class thinking I knew so much of my T210. I was in error, I knew very little.  My hat's off to John, Tom and Paul at Cessna.Org for being great educators. "

These weekend seminars are given frequently at the CPA Educational & Technical Center in Santa Maria, California, and also are conducted several times each year at various other locations around the U.S. From time to time, CPA also offers flight courses and owner-performed maintenance courses.