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We have closed down our facility in Santa Maria and are opening a new office in Southern California. The transition should be brief, but we will have very limited phone support during this time. Our new address and phone number are below, but the quickest response to any questions or comments will come from emailing office@cessna.org. We appreciate your patience during this move.

Cessna Pilots Association
16755 Von Karman Ave, Ste 200
Irvine, CA 92606

Phone: 949-242-4535

The world's largest aviation type club
Serving Cessna owners for more than 30 years 


Flight Control Rigging

Flight Control Rigging

Many members have brought their aircraft to CPA Headquarters to have the aircraft rigged properly. All have left very pleased with the improvement in handling and what they had learned. Unfortunately, not everyone can bring their aircraft to California to be rigged. So that facilities in other parts of the country can offer a comparable service, the Cessna Pilot's Association is offering a mechanics level course Rigging Cessna 100/200 Series Aircraft. This three-day program covers all aspects of aircraft rigging, including setting travels and tensions, symmetry check, measuring wing twist, determining true performance, flight check, making adjustments and troubleshooting. The program includes both classroom and hands-on work, actual aircraft will be rigged and flight-tested. The program is open to all CPA members, however it should be understood that this is a mechanics-level course and attendees will be expected to have at least basic knowledge of aircraft maintenance. Because the goal of this program is to increase the locations in the field that can properly rig a single engine Cessna, preference in registration will be given to mechanics working in the profession. Attendees will be limited to 12, however, should there be sufficient demand, additional seminars may be added later in the year. Upon completion of the program each attendee will be presented with a graduation certificate and those working in aviation maintenance will be listed by the Association in our magazine and web site. This will allow CPA members to find people trained to rig aircraft by the Cessna Pilots Association.

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