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We have closed down our facility in Santa Maria and are opening a new office in Southern California. The transition should be brief, but we will have very limited phone support during this time. Our new address and phone number are below, but the quickest response to any questions or comments will come from emailing office@cessna.org. We appreciate your patience during this move.

Cessna Pilots Association
16755 Von Karman Ave, Ste 200
Irvine, CA 92606

Phone: 949-242-4535

The world's largest aviation type club
Serving Cessna owners for more than 30 years 


Public Information Page

Benefits of Membership

  • The CPA Magazine
    Magazine CoverAt the heart of the Cessna Pilots Association is the CPA Magazine. It is published and sent to members monthly. Each issue is full of information specifically related to the operation of single and twin engine Cessna Aircraft, letters addressing specific questions and solution, and specialized articles written by CPA's staff. In addition to the mailing, the magazine is also available in PDF and Digital form on our website. All of our issues are available. A full sample copy of our magazine can be found here in Digital Format.

  • Website
    Our members only section of the website contains a great wealth of information. We have a very active forum where questions and information can be exchanged with the membership. We have all of our past issues of our magazine as well as all of our E-ATIS's posted and indexed. We have many sales brochures along with photos of different models. We have in house designed model histories and many tech notes available. A sample model history can be found here and a sample tech note can be found here.

  • E-ATIS
    Our weekly email newsletter is sent to members weekly. It is chock full of the up-to-the-minute happenings in the world of Cessna aircraft. What's the latest news on Airworthiness Directives the FAA is working on? What's going on in the Cessna factory? Who has the parts you need TODAY? Answers to all this and more are delivered each week to CPA members via the e-mail newsletter E-ATIS.

  • Insurance Program
    The CPA aircraft insurance program is managed by Falcon Insurance Agency of Austin, Texas. As specialists in aircraft insurance they are capable of placing any type of aviation risk domestically and for international flying. The CPA insurance plan is by far the most comprehensive available, with expanded coverage, highly competitive rates, various underwriters, and dedicated professionals to service CPA members. For some day quotes, coverage, and service CPA members can call 1-800-880-CPAP (2727)

  • Tech Staff
    CPA has tech reps to help you with any problems that you may have. As a member you have access to these reps through the Members Tech Support form.

    John Frank  is a founder and Executive Director of Cessna Pilots Association. A 15,000 hour plus pilot as well as an A&P mechanic with Inspection Authorization (IA). John is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts on Cessna aircraft. He has given seminars worldwide on Cessna aircraft and has consulted with the FAA and other government agencies. In addition, he is the author of three extremely popular buyers guides on Cessna Aircraft. Prior to founding the Cessna Pilots Association in 1984, John has been an Army pilot, worked in aircraft certification at Beech Aircraft and served as executive director of another aviation association. John owns, flies and maintains a 1967 Turbo 210.

Tom Carr  joined the CPA Tech Staff in July, 1997 and retired from CPA June 30, 2010.  He was an A&P mechanic at the Oakland Pontiac Airport in Pontiac, Michigan for 22 years. Since receiving his A& P license in 1973, he's been engaged in the maintenance, modification, and repair of general aviation aircraft. He received an IA endorsement in 1976, and a private pilot's certificate in 1981. He has a vast amount of experience and knowledge of all Cessna aircraft. Tom will continue to be involved with CPA as a Consultant and Instructor. Tom also owns and maintains a Cessna 150.

Mike Busch has been a pilot for 45 years, has logged in excess of 7,000 hours, is a CFI (airplanes, instruments, multiengine), and an A&P mechanic with Inspection Authorization. He is a widely recognized aviation writer, teacher, aircraft owner advocate and entrepreneur. For more than two decades, Mike has served as a member of the technical staff of the Cessna Pilots Association (CPA), and has assisted thousands of Cessna owners to troubleshoot and fix the thorniest maintenance problems that their own local A&Ps have been unable to solve. Together with John Frank, Mike was one of the original architects of CPA's renowned model-specific systems and procedures courses, and has taught dozens of those seminars throughout the U.S. for owners of both single- and twin-engine Cessnas. His maintenance management firm (SavvyMx.com) manages the maintenance of hundreds of owner-flown piston-powered GA airplanes. Mike was honored by the FAA as "National Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year" for 2008. He owns, flies and maintains a 1979 Cessna T310R.

Paul New owns and operates Tennessee Aircraft Services in Jackson, Tennessee. His company specializes in major structural repair of Cessna singles and twins or as Paul describes it repairs “from hangar rash to belly landings.”  Paul soloed the day after his sixteenth birthday, completed his private pilot’s certificate when he was seventeen, and added his multi-engine rating that same year. He earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science – Avionics Technology from Southern Illinois University.  He is an A&P, an IA as well. With his experience in major aircraft repairs, flight, and aircraft recovery, Paul has been retained on many occasions as a consultant to insurance companies and attorneys for aircraft accident re-creations and investigations. Paul was honored by the FAA as "National Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year" for 2007.

John Jones is a graduate of the Cessna G1000/GFC700 training in 2007 and has a background in installations and overhaul.  John has worked with Precession Avionics and Instrument Overhaul, both in San Diego. John started consulting for CPA in 2008 and developed a special G1000 course for a series of seminars for the government taught by CPA and John. John lives with his wife in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA and has owned a construction firm since 1981. As a pilot since 1982, John has owned a 1974 172, 1997 172R, 2004 182T and currently owns a 2007 182T with the G1000 avionics package

  • Technical Library
    CPA maintains an extensive technical library, located in Santa Maria, CA, on Cessna aircraft. This library is the largest collection of Cessna information outside of the Cessna factory. It includes:

  • Service and parts manuals for virtually all Cessna models and years

  • Complete files of service letters, bulletins, and airworthiness directives that affect Cessna aircraft

  • Files on all STCs available for Cessnas

  • Evaluations of STOL and speed kits and other Cessna modifications

  • Catalogs of numerous manufacturers and distributors of parts for Cessna aircraft

  • Histories of technical problems affecting Cessna aircraft

  • Reports on many Cessna service shops and refurbishment facilities

    Cessna Service Information is copyrighted therefore a call to CPA can quickly get a definitive answer to virtually any technical question you or your mechanic might have about your aircraft. In the rare case that the answer you need can't be found in our library, the CPA technical staff knows who to contact for the answer you need.

Handouts and Tech Notes
One of the most frequently utilized benefits of CPA membership is being able to access articles that have appeared in previous issues of the CPA magazine. Some of the most frequently requested articles are: "Hot Starts", "Items Most Overlooked During Inspection", and "TBO and Beyond". Also available are our popular model guides, which list the complete criteria on specific Cessna aircraft with comparison of model years.

Examples of other CPA Tech Notes:

"Nosewheel Shimmy"- Nosewheel shimmy is a very common problem with single-engine Cessnas. Many owners have been told by their mechanics that some nosewheel shimmy is acceptable: "just the nature of the beast". This just is not correct. CPA has prepared this tech note to explain what to inspect and what actions to take. By following these guidelines you can eliminate all traces of nosewheel shimmy.

"Uneven Fuel Feeding"- Many high-wing Cessnas have a problem with fuel feeding unevenly from the fuel tanks. Typically, the left tank will drain down substantially while the right tank remains nearly full, leaving the aircraft right wing heavy. CPA has uncovered the cause of this problem and what can be done to correct it. A tech note is available to CPA members at no charge.

A sample model history can be found here and a sample tech note can be found here.