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We have closed down our facility in Santa Maria and are opening a new office in Southern California. The transition should be brief, but we will have very limited phone support during this time. Our new address and phone number are below, but the quickest response to any questions or comments will come from emailing office@cessna.org. We appreciate your patience during this move.

Cessna Pilots Association
16755 Von Karman Ave, Ste 200
Irvine, CA 92606

Phone: 949-242-4535

The world's largest aviation type club
Serving Cessna owners for more than 30 years 


January 3, 2007 - Get To Know Your Cessna

Get to Know Your Own Cessna

            The Cessna Pilots Association offers two- and three-day total immersion courses guaranteed to make you an expert in your own airplane. The CPA’s Systems and Procedures courses are designed to give Cessna owners an in-depth understanding of how their aircraft functions.
            “Invest one weekend in your own airplane,” says CPA Executive Director John Frank. “We’ll make you a more knowledgeable and safer pilot.”
            Courses are available for the Cessna 172, 182, 210, P210, T210, and 337.
            Each CPA course instructor is an experienced mechanic, aircraft owner, and high-time pilot. The course takes the Cessna owner through all the aircraft systems and how they work, problem areas, maintenance tips, and safe operation. A particularly interesting section of each seminar is powerplant management.

            Currently for 2007, the following courses are scheduled:
Feb 09-11        210/T210/P210                                                         Santa Maria, CA         
Mar 10-11       182R & Earlier                                                         Santa Maria, CA       
Aug 18-19       182R & Earlier                                                         Jackson, TN
Aug 24-26       337                                                                            Jackson, TN
Sep 15-16        T182/182S/182T/T182T                                          Cincinnati, OH             
Sep 21-23        R/TR182/172RG                                                      Cincinnati, OH             

            In addition, Cessna Pilots Association's Systems and Procedures Courses are approved for A&Ps who hold an Inspection Authorization to comply with the FAA Inspection Authorization Refresher Training.
            “If you want to learn about your Cessna, there is simply no better way than by attending these seminars,” says Frank.
            Cessna Pilots Association also offers a three-day Flight Proficiency Course for the Cessna 210 four times during the year comprised of classroom and in-flight instruction and coaching.
            Tuition for the Systems and Procedures Courses ranges from $395 to $530 for CPA members. Non-members may also attend for an additional $45. For more information on the courses or to register for a specific course, go to www.cessna.org or telephone 805-934-0493.



Based in Santa Maria, California, the Cessna Pilots Association has 14,000 active members who rely on the association for technical support about their aircraft, including access to the most extensive technical library on Cessnas outside the factory.