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November, 2007 - Cessna Pilots Association Updates Cessna 210 Guide

Cessna Pilots Association Updates Cessna 210 Guide


Anyone who owns, regularly flies or is thinking of buying a Cessna 210 should own the recently updated Cessna 210 model guide from the Cessna Pilots Association. This book, now updated with new text and photos for 2008, contains model specific information that pilots and owners need.

Beginning with a history of the 210, the Cessna 210 Buyers Guide moves on to a frank assessment of the model's strengths and weaknesses. The 210 is then compared and contrasted with Bonanzas, Mooneys, and other Cessna aircraft.

In the interest of accident prevention, an entire chapter is devoted to explaining the fuel system, landing gear, and other crucial safety aspects that every 210 owner should know. A briefing on what kind of experience and ratings you need to get insured, and a detailed look at what sort of premiums to expect is also included.

Other material in the Cessna 210 Buyers Guide includes frequently asked questions and answers about the 210, model changes by year, including performance criteria, operating costs, modifications, airworthiness directives as well as a tabulation of the starting and ending serial numbers of each model year.

A major feature of the book is a detailed pre-purchase inspection checklist. Using this list a buyer and his mechanic can ascertain before the purchase, the overall condition of the aircraft being considered. Included is an explanation of what a good pilot checkout in a Cessna 210 should consist of.

All this information is drawn from the experiences of the Cessna Pilots Association, its members and staff. For over 25 years the Cessna Pilots Association has been recognized as the independent technical experts on Cessna aircraft.

The Cessna 210 Buyers Guide is over 100 pages long and spiral bound. It is available for purchase at www.cessna.org for $40.00 ($35.00 for CPA members) plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.



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