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New Site Is Live

CPA Members,

The new website is up, and while everything under the hood has been updated, we have tried to make it look as familiar as possible. The website is still, and when you visit for the first time after the launch, you will need to setup a new password. Once you set this password, you will be able to access the tech info, forums, and support tickets. The support ticket system is still the best way to get your technical question answered by one of CPA’s tech reps. If you have any non-tech questions about the website, accessing materials, membership, etc., use the contact page to get the quickest response. You do not have to be logged in to use this contact form, so if you are having login issues, this will be the best way to get help.

The biggest change will be on the forums. We have started the new forum from the ground up, and archived the old forum. We are working to merge the old content into the new forums, but until that is completed, the legacy forum will be separate from the new forum. We will provide stickied posts in the new forums with instructions for accessing the legacy content once everything with the cutover has been finalized.

We still have some cosmetic work to finish up, but we hope you are able to enjoy all of the current features as we work to deliver more technical content to you.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Cessna Pilots Association