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  • Let me save you a error I made 25 years ago and still have a little regret on this vary decision.

    Due to my missions, I narrowed down my best fit aircraft need to the Cessna 182 RG. I faced the exact same question you did, and being an mechanic (non aviation), mechanical engineer and sensitive to the annual cost, I heavily researched added cost…[Read more]

  • Bob,

    If you want to stay with original rear vents, I have them from mine with complete set of new Cessna parts to completely rebuild so they perform like new. I did not rebuild and install in mine, as I decided to go with aftermarket eyeball vents when interior was upgraded. Let me know if you are interested and will make you a deal.


  • Thank you for the reply Bob. Welcome to the wonderful world of the 1978 R182!! I have had mine since 1995 and still loving it. Happy to answer questions if I can.

    I was fortunate enough that someone with a 182 RG on the field had an extra “scoop” and gave it too me. How fortunate am I?

    I was told the scoop is different for right wing versus left…[Read more]

  • Ryan,

    I also have an early 1978 R182 (S# 00181). And also having the Avionics shop install the EI MVP-50P right now. Albeit, this is their 1st MVP-50P install as they have done many JPI units.

    I requested that EI add several additional options versus the basic package at additional expense  including indicating status of Flaps and Gear, Status…[Read more]

  • I have a different, but related request for information on the 182. This question is related to the front vents that are fed via the outboard opening on the leading edge of both wings. Riveted to the leading edge of the wing is a piece of plastic that funnels the fresh air to a large plastic 90 degree elbow fitting and then thru the large aluminum…[Read more]

  • Here is something no one seems to advise when using the 3M tape on Leading edges.

    Installed on my 1978 R182. Great product that does as advertised for a limited life. Where I was based (southern California) the price to rent a hangar is equivalent to a new paint job every 18 months, so I kept it tied down. Always in sunlight, the material ages…[Read more]

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