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  • Can you explain the “blow out” part, I’ve never heard or seen that. You should have an angle drive starter adapter with just the starter motor on the adapter, the solenoid is mounted on the firewall aft of the starter motor on all angle drive motors I’ve seen. Have you checked the parts book to se if locations are shown?




  • I recommend checking/cleaning the exhaust valve stem and guides every 125-150 hours ( depending on your engines build up rate), it can be done without removing cylinders and provides an assurance that the stuck valve will not happen. I suspect the sodium cooled exhaust valve used on O-200/300 engines runs hot enough to coke the oil, what ever…[Read more]

  • These mounts fit between the instrument panel and the support structure, I’ve loosened all of them and fished the replacements in with out removing the instruments, sure beats removing instruments if your shop will try it.


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