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  • I think I got the number correct. The SEB was used as a driving factor in an NPRM for an AD a year or two ago. It hasn’t come out as an AD as of now anyway. I found a 77 Q model with cracks in both frames last week during annual. The kit is available from Cessna but the price is jaw dropping at 7500 dollars. Yingling has it listed on their web…[Read more]

  • Michael,

    If it is still the original, it was converted/changed over with a SEB that replaced the downlocks and a small switch that is mounted on the lock. If that is the switch you have then you’ll probably need to find the SEB for the p/n of the switch. I may have called tech support for the p/n the last time I had to find one. It may be the SEB…[Read more]

  • Walter,

    Are you noting this due to an operational issue? Is it the fuel dye showing out the vent that you are basing the suspect plugging on? Have you tried flow checking the volume each nozzle puts out prior to cleaning and perhaps again after cleaning? If the dye presence is all the plugging is based on you may be attempting to fix something…[Read more]

  • Fredric,

    Have you owned this plane long? Is this something new? A 182 normally has a TCM engine that uses a drive assy. that is always coupled. I’d recommend you have a mechanic look at it.

    Ed B.

  • Mark,

    The 4509 is a 14 volt 100W. The 4313 is 14 volt 250W. The landing light is normally the brighter or the 4313. The taxi light would then be the 4509. If you want to use two of the same I’d go with the 4509’s as using two 4313’s might lead to c/b popping

    and or that switch going bad quicker than normal.

    Ed B.

  • Ed Beeson replied to the topic Oil in the forum Maintenance Matters 2 months ago


    I recommend you look in the engine logbook and for now anyway stay with what is currently being used. I assume the plane has a Lycoming 8 qt. capacity sump. Most of those run happy at 6 qts. If you add another it very well may just disappear in a flight or two and you are right back where you started. Trying to keep if fuller than 6 may…[Read more]

  • Nicole,

    I’ve not installed any of the beacons but have put 3 or 4 of the wing tip/nav. light units on. They seem to work as advertised. The installation is straight forward. Keep in mind all ADS-B installations are considered a major alteration so the owner/ A&P installation doesn’t really get you finished with an approved installation. The other…[Read more]

  • Joe,

    Airborne at one time rented a kit to trouble shoot air systems with. Not sure if it is still available. Those big pumps and how they get used is hard on them but you should be able to get 500 to 800 hrs out of one. Heat has always been believed to be the biggest issue thus the air shroud. Make sure the discharge is free and clear through the…[Read more]

  • Ed Beeson replied to the topic C172 RG gear question in the forum Cessna 172 Forum 2 months ago


    I am not sure but suspect if there is a time for extension it would be in the maint. manual. The fact that the shop doesn’t have jacks tells me they may not be very familiar with that gear. The 172RG and 182RG series have numerous bulletins and gotcha’s to watch out for. I’d recommend you make sure you review all the SEB’s and upgrades for…[Read more]

  • I’ve put that kit on two 182Q and have a third one I maintain. None of the owners have made any taxi comments. I have taxied all three and haven’t noted anything.

    You might look at letting the strut sit a bit lower. From the picture it looks to have pretty high extension. If it sits too high the centering mechanism can cause steering problems.…[Read more]

  • Throwing the belt comes up pretty regular. It is normal to go through all the mounting, belt change, and alignment checks. Once in awhile you hear that fixed the problem but as pointed out a good number of times the fix is the counterweight pins. How many hours does your engine have? I’ve not done it myself but think there maybe a procedure to…[Read more]

  • That diode is why when you turn the landing light on both lights illuminate but when the taxi light is selected only the one bulb illuminates. I’ve had customers that prefer just turn both bulbs off and on independently so I have a couple of the diodes that reside in the misc. wiring supplies compartment of my tool box. Those switches are the…[Read more]

  • Ed Beeson replied to the topic Sky lights in the forum Cessna 172 Forum 2 months, 1 week ago

    I’m looking to replace a pair in 1977 182Q. I leaned on one a bit too hard while working on putting the WAAS GPS antenna on. These are solid rivets so I will have to do it when I have some help as there’s no way to reach both sides or use a squeeze. I can do all the prep and get them in place with temporary cleco’s. Using the pull rivets would…[Read more]

  • A project where practice makes easier. It can be a challenge getting to the back side of the switches. You are correct the ears need to be flexed/compressed and the switch pulled out of the panel. I’ve used many methods based on access to the back side. It usually works best for me to get something under the flange on the front side to help pull…[Read more]

  • Is it the 430W or is the offer to upgrade from a 430 vs. upgrading a 430 to WAAS?  I was under the impression they were making the offer for a non-WAAS units. I am currently working on upgrading a pair of 430’s or have the 650’s installed for a customer. If you add the cost of upgrading to the rebate and upgrading vs. replacing becomes a…[Read more]

  • Field approval processed and 337 for engine alterations has the administrators stamp of approval.

    Ed B.

  • The last one I messed with was changed out with the Skytech. Straight forward installation.

    Ed B.

  • So does the green light then remain off until you take it back to the shop? Does it come back on after you land and or taxi a bit? It does seem you have a circuit that is opening intermittently. Take a good close look at the wiring and terminal strip in the nose gear wheel well.  I think I’d lean toward a wire, if the gear is never moving the…[Read more]

  • I missed the no gear lights. Does that include no green light? Are you saying the green light goes out when you select gear up but that is all that happens? When you select gear down the green light comes back on?

    Ed B.

  • Ed Beeson replied to the topic IA considerations in the forum Maintenance Matters 3 months ago

    To any that might be following this:

    I noted on the P.Ponk website the STC has changed hands and ownership. I called the new owner to see if by chance they had made any changes to the equipment portion of the STC. They haven’t. I located a SI that notes that for maintenance, parts and SB’s that are not specifically addressed by P.Ponk you use the…[Read more]

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