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  • Otto Knottnerus and Profile picture of Dan HowardDan Howard are now friends 2 days ago

  • That wedge is what keep the top of the door from being sucked out enough to cause a noise leak.  That area of the door is weaker than the bottom and needed some way of keeping the seal intact.  If you take that item off the frame and take it up for a look/see you will understand.  This was a lower cost way to hold the door closed then making th…[Read more]

  • Otto Knottnerus replied to the topic LOP Challenge in the forum Maintenance Matters 1 month ago

    So far, I have gone to 950 hours operating LOP since a rebuild with new cylinders.  My last annual had number 2 the lowest at 74/80.  I fly 150-180 hours per year and I operate most of the time above 5K LOP 20-30 F  I average 132-135 knots and have flown 6.5 hours with reserves (most have been above 10K).  I also, take oil samples and use Cam…[Read more]

  • I think an engine dehydrator it the best way.  I have seen a reduction in my iron wear metals in the oil samples.

    I have been going to the airport at sundown and coming home undercover of darkness.  lots of fun giving the man the finger.  Yes, who’s going to know.

    Fly as you can


  • Neil

    My first reply to this is;  Was the prop replaced?  With What?  If not who signed it off as airworthy?  Who did the tear down inspection, and how well was that documented?  Were the engine mounts replaced?  Are there any pictures of the prop?  I would feel much better after seeing that if nothing more than to understand the level of impact…[Read more]

  • I have been operating with the Electro-Air system for over 5 years. We are only allowed to replace one mag with the electronic improvements.

    Several things, I like the improved starting capability.  The improvement in fuel economy has been 11% and more even CHT’s.  (much easier to run LOP now)  I wish it was a simpler install but this  was the…[Read more]

  • You may like the Avidyne product more than the Garmin

    I did the swap of my 430W to the IFD440 and am very pleased with my choice.  It is a step up in many ways.  It was fast, easy to understand and inexpensive.

  • I have two that were  removed when I replaced the wing tips.  Let me know if you are still interested.  I have a 79 Q model so they are the same as you have, 24 Volts.


  • keep a record of the measured gallons as indicated in the mvp50, and then at elach fill up.  There is a formula to adjust the K value of the fuel flow meter.   This will help you to calculate the K factor just once.  I was doing it every tank fill up and the variation of the fill up was too much.  Just a way of averaging everything.

  • This is the first electronic engine management system I have ever had.  That aside I very much enjoy it and find it very informative and easy to use.  I have no regrets, and every time I have called to ask a question they are knowledgeable, and pleasant.

    I would start keeping a record for the first 10 so tanks of fuel to calibrate your fuel f…[Read more]

  • The pressure variation quit when I changed the oil.  My A&P thought that a particle got cought in the pressure relief  valve, so no problems since then.

    Sorry I did not follow up with this close out.  Also, I am going to increase the time between updates of the fuel flow.  My flow rate has been jumping around since I had it put in, and I was tol…[Read more]

  • My plane did not have any valve on my vent lines.  I have a 79 that has two vent lines and the first year that did not have bladders.  That may be it different then yours.

    It makes sense to me that you have a bend in the vent line higher then the top of the tank would reduce the spilling out the vent line.

  • MacFarlin has a vent tube that has a upward bend in the wing that should reduce or eliminate the full tank leaking.  I replace both sides on my 182 that greatly reduced the leaks.  the only time it leaks now is if the plane is tilted to one side.  They were simple to change.  I did not like the leaking after I parked it in the hanger.

    good flying


  • Do you still have the set?  Can you share a picture(s)? I have an interest.


  • I would suggest that you purchase a plane that has been zinc chromate from the factory.  This way you know that all the parts are treated.

  • I have been hearing the arguments of some that if we do not ascribe to how foreign born people come to this country and then denigrate our country, I must be a bigot.

    First, I am the son of a foreign born father that migrated to this country legally.  He married my mother two years later and became a citizen after I was 6 years of age.  His g…[Read more]

  • I have over 2500 hours on my plane since 1979. This is a well taken care of plane hangered all of its life. I am contemplating putting a high performance exhaust on if the life of the current system is close to it’s limits. I know the flame cone is gone on the one side, but that does not bother me. If the life of the pipes and muffler are…[Read more]

  • Otto Knottnerus replied to the topic P Ponk Conversion in the forum Cessna 182 Forum 1 year ago


    I suggest the best benefit of the electronic ignition is the smoother operation in LOP.  It has a advance timing with increase altitude function that really helps.  I have been smooth at 8,000 ft. and 75 LOP, you can’t do that with regular mags.  I also pull the carburetor heat out 1/3 out to add some heat, and back the throttle back 1/…[Read more]

  • Otto Knottnerus replied to the topic P Ponk Conversion in the forum Cessna 182 Forum 1 year ago

    I have 850 hours on mine now.  It has the Hartzall 3 blade prop now  I put in the MVP-50 at the same time.

    The engine took 25 or so to brake in.  I changed oil at 2 hours to remove the first oil.  I then changed it again at the next 10 hours.  I ran the engine up to CHT of 400 or so for the first 12 hours and the temp dropped over the next few…[Read more]

  • Ralph

    I have had the PPONK engine now for 800+ hours in my plane.  I replaced the original engine with this engine.  The cost upgrade was about $2000 more, however I had some additional things like flow balanced cylinders.

    The cost increase for the added power was the lowest cost HP I have found.  I operate LOP, 180 hours per year, and most fl…[Read more]

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