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  • When we purchased our R182 I bought hard copies of the maintenance manual and parts book from Yingling/Cessna. They weren’t cheap, but weren’t terribly expensive, either. Certainly been worth having, though now I keep a PDF of each on my iPad. At the time I just chalked up the cost as a normal start-up expense on a new plane. At the same time I…[Read more]

  • We had a problem with altitude hold in our STEC 50-2, on an R182. It was a tough (and costly) diagnosis. I first removed and tested the pressure transducer, which was fine. We had the servo worked on a couple years earlier, but it passed in-plane diagnostics per the STEC maintenance manual. We sent the pitch computer to Texas for repair. Came back…[Read more]

  • On my R182 I reduce MP to 25 inches at about 500 feet AGL, and reduce fuel flow to ~16.5 gph. WOT and full rich is pushing around 22 gph through the engine, and I want to both reduce fuel flow and engine stress.

    According to the Lycoming operator’s manual, 25 inches at 2400 RPM is good for~195 HP at standard conditions. The Lycoming manual …[Read more]

  • IIRC the Skylane II was delivered with a radio package that Cessna called the “NAVPAC”. It may have also included some options that you never see a Skylane delivered without – like dual controls. Same airplane, just one was equipped. Note that in those days teh NavPac would have included Cessna/ARC radios, rather than other brands.



  • You don’t mention the airframe/engine this is on.

    We had a spate of turned/broken belts some years ago on an Archer. Initially found a crack on the alternator bracket that was letting the alternator move around. Welded that up – which was good for a couple months. Cracked again and threw another belt. I bit the bullet and bought a whole new…[Read more]

  • Jerry LeCroy replied to the topic 182 RG in the forum Cessna 182 Forum 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    My partners and I plan on three days for an owner-assisted inspection on our 1981 R182.

    Day one is opening everything up, removing seats and floor panels, and doing engine compression and mag timing checks plus routine maintenance. The routine maintenance usually includes an oil change, new air filter, rotating spark plugs, replacing a worn scat…[Read more]

  • I would look hard at the actuator plate (P/N 1241676-1) if your S/N is higher than 684). If it is lower than 684, you might see if mod kit SK182-80 was ever fitted to your airplane. If not, this might be  a good to do the mod.

    I think that later aircraft (or the service kit) provide a two-bend actuator – a flat that the downlock pin presses on,…[Read more]

  • Jerry LeCroy replied to the topic Annual costs in the forum Cessna 182 Forum 1 year ago

    On our airplane we do “owner-assisted” annuals. I am an A&P, and we hire a local IA to check after I do a hundred-hour inspection. The IA also checks all AD compliance, and charges us a $700 flat fee. He typically works about eight hours on hardware and logs before he signs off on the inspection.

    So we average $700 in paid labor, maybe 30 hours…[Read more]

  • The Aux power connector operates an independent power contactor to get power to the airplane bus. The battery remains out of circuit unless/until you close the master switch, which will operate the battery contactor.

    On our 182 I ran a small cable from the battery to the baggage compartment just to connect a battery maintainer.

    We plug in a…[Read more]

  • Our R182 has had taped leading edges since it was painted in 2006. I love that the bugs come off without a big struggle, and that the leading edge paint hasn’t been all pounded off by flying in rain. We haven’t had to do anything to maintain the tape, but our R182 has been hangared most of the time. YMMV. .

  • I bought Barry mounts at an engine overhaul in 2002. 800 hours later the mounts had sagged enough that engine parts were wearing holes in the lower cowling.  I replaced with Lord mounts and had no further issues for the life of that engine. I thought that the Barry mounts would save me a few hundred dollars. It did not appear to work out that…[Read more]

  • We have been experiencing alarms from the CO detector in the cabin during climbout on our R182. Once we nose over into cruise the CO level goes to zero, even with cabin heat on. I suspect that the engine exhaust is flowing around the belly and entering past the door seals when in a climb attitude. I haven’t found any other obvious entry points -…[Read more]

  • I agree about the Power Tow. Ours is probably 20 years old (uncertain, we bought it used). I have replaced the drive belt and the engine air filter (foam was going bad). This year I put a new tire on it ($15 from Tractor Supply). The rubber in the old tire was so hard from aging that it would not get traction on the tarmac.

    We also run our tug on…[Read more]

  • I am thinking that a HIGH voltage light would not be triggered by belt slippage. Belt slippage would be more likely to reduce alternator output, and cause a low voltage fault.

    As a previous poster said, on many Cessnas the high voltage functions by shorting out the circuit to the alternator field, which trips the five amp alternator field…[Read more]

  • I have been in a four-owner partnership for thirty years. Until 2014 we owned a Piper Archer. That year we upgraded to a Skylane RG. Overall my experience with the partnership has been excellent, with two notable exceptions.

    Ten years ago a long term partner sold his share to a new guy. The new guy booked the airplane literally every week for the…[Read more]

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