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  • Update from the mechanic: he suspects it was a stuck needle valve or float in the carb.  Emphasis on “was”.  They took the bowl off and inspected everything, then put it back together, fueled it, and let it sit for a few hours with no evidence of any leak.  So he suggested keeping an eye on it and setting the fuel selector to “off” when parked.

  • Hi, all-


    First off, not asking for actual repair advice, just a chance to get some sort of heads up of what I may be looking at before my normal A&P can [hopefully] get to the plane on Monday.

    Noticed while cleaning out my plane in the hangar today that there was a small (<1″ diameter) blue spot on the ground near the nose strut, and the nose…[Read more]

  • Hi, all-

    Anyone have some ideas of what to use for some sort of shade / visor for the rear window (over the baggage area / behind back seats) for a 182P?  With the summer heat starting to get into full swing my family has been saying they would like some sort of shade from the sun back there.  All I can find are very cheap suction-cup shades w…[Read more]

  • I’m having a similar issue with my 182P –  cylinders 3 and 4 tend to run in the mid-high 390s while the rest are in the 360s.  At my recent annual the A&P found that my carb heat was misadjusted (and thus always slightly on) and said that could have been contributing.  But after flying the other day it’s still happening.  EGTs look pretty even ac…[Read more]

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