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  • Hello,

    Our 182 has an 18 gallon O&N aux tank on the floor of the baggage compartment.  The documentation says it holds 18 gallons and all 18 gallons are useable.  However, after being almost completely drained using the fuel sump or run dry from the transfer pump, it only takes 15 gallons of fuel to fill up.  The tank is about 30 years old, bu…[Read more]

  • No, you’re not wrong at all.  I earned my commercial in a C182RG many years ago; was taught to reduce to 25″/2500 rpm at 500 AGL on that O-540.  The O-470 in my present airplane isn’t the same at all…..23″/2450 doesn’t give the same kind of climb performance.  182B is draggier (8.50×6’s and high lift mods) but also lighter than the RG by al…[Read more]

  • Have a 182B with a 400 hour SMOH O-470L.

    Based at a field with published VFR departure procedures, some requiring you to get to 1200 AGL in just 3 miles or so.

    What are the risks associated with staying at takeoff power/2600 RPM for 1-2 minutes to facilitate a steep climb?

    I find the climb rate very lethargic at the recommended 23″/2450 RPM…[Read more]

  • Thaanks!  I ended up just printing some out on some adhesive backed labels from office max.  Probably not the most durable but I can make a full set for about $2 each so now I have 10 spares if they decide to peel off.  The durability of the one I put on the bottom of the fuselage by the aux tank fuel sump drain is the most questionable.

  • Recently acquired a ’59 B model.  Interior has been redone by STC along with a lot of modifications to the instrument panel over the years. Placards were apparently not replaced in the process by previous owners.  Additionally it has an O&N baggage fuel tank STC that requires some placards.

    Unfortunately this is missing:

    “This airplane must be o…[Read more]

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