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    Ugh! I am so sorry to hear that. I hear that 20% of them are failing and half need mitigation. Mine passed and I’m grateful. But what to do?

    First, thank you stars that it didn’t fail in flight.

    Second, there is a spar posted on this forum that passed. But the labor is something north of $35,000 to install it. Its very invasive.

    I’ve checked…[Read more]

  • Here are my non-IA/AP thoughts…

    First, if you truly have a problem in flight…. maneuver into slow-flight with gear up and then cycle the gear. This saved my ass once. NOTE: the drag of the gear will slow the plane further so stay on top of it.

    I would strongly suspect the power-pack is not developing full pressure. Its a fairly simple…[Read more]

  • I’ve been really impressed with the 6.00X6-6 Goodyear FS II 120 — They’ve held up nicely. 95% of my landings are on grooved asphalt. Before these I was replacing them annually.

    My nose gear tire doesn’t wear that much.

    Make sure they are talc’d well. Every tube failure I’ve ever had was due to a pinch right after tire service.

  • jim2 replied to the topic Cold Weather Ops in the forum Cessna 210 & P210 Forum 1 month ago

    I parked a plane in KS where the temp was 11F. Engine was warmed for start, but the throttle/prop/mixture cables were still cold. The throttle cable was frozen (not sure where the freeze was? moisture in the cable or throttle pivot?) — but throttle cable was damaged.

    Also, the gear would not retract. The nose gear did not relax on take off and…[Read more]

  • I’m bringing in a 210 Eddy current spar inspection into Lower Alabama? Any 210/177 owners wanna get in on it. Shared expenses of bringing the crew in, plus $250 for the inspection.

    Jim ( or text/whatsapp: 407-729-8434 t


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