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  • Just due to its location, its going to be cooler. On my engine, the governor is in front of 6 and on the other side the oil cooler is in front of 5.

    So, While i can’t say your numbers are ‘cool’… 6 being cooler is perfectly normal.


  • Best of both world?

    Oil at 70c has a viscosity of 50mm2/s, oil at 30c is 500mm2/s, 10x different. Run your engine enough to heat the oil to max operating temp. Then let it cool until just cool enough to safety handle (40c?). Maximum drip back into the sump, Lowe viscosity to get the maximum spent oil removed.

    I have a remotely mounted oil…[Read more]

  • The time is upon me… new panel. Most of the steam gauges are tired and probably unreliable. The main thing I’m retaining is the STEC 60-2 auto pilot.


    • Avidyne IFD440, IFR Connectivity I/F
    • Dynon Skyview HDX 10″, w/ Knob Panel
    • Dynon Engine Mgmt, Sensors and Probes 6-cylinder
    • Dynon XPNDR IN and OUT
    • Dynon Comm w/ knob panel
    • Dual…

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  • These part numbers go up to 1976, but maybe searching these Cessna part numbers might reveal a source?




    Ugh! I am so sorry to hear that. I hear that 20% of them are failing and half need mitigation. Mine passed and I’m grateful. But what to do?

    First, thank you stars that it didn’t fail in flight.

    Second, there is a spar posted on this forum that passed. But the labor is something north of $35,000 to install it. Its very invasive.

    I’ve checked…[Read more]

  • Here are my non-IA/AP thoughts…

    First, if you truly have a problem in flight…. maneuver into slow-flight with gear up and then cycle the gear. This saved my ass once. NOTE: the drag of the gear will slow the plane further so stay on top of it.

    I would strongly suspect the power-pack is not developing full pressure. Its a fairly simple…[Read more]

  • I’ve been really impressed with the 6.00X6-6 Goodyear FS II 120 — They’ve held up nicely. 95% of my landings are on grooved asphalt. Before these I was replacing them annually.

    My nose gear tire doesn’t wear that much.

    Make sure they are talc’d well. Every tube failure I’ve ever had was due to a pinch right after tire service.

  • jim2 replied to the topic Cold Weather Ops in the forum Cessna 210 & P210 Forum 4 months ago

    I parked a plane in KS where the temp was 11F. Engine was warmed for start, but the throttle/prop/mixture cables were still cold. The throttle cable was frozen (not sure where the freeze was? moisture in the cable or throttle pivot?) — but throttle cable was damaged.

    Also, the gear would not retract. The nose gear did not relax on take off and…[Read more]

  • I’m bringing in a 210 Eddy current spar inspection into Lower Alabama? Any 210/177 owners wanna get in on it. Shared expenses of bringing the crew in, plus $250 for the inspection.

    Jim ( or text/whatsapp: 407-729-8434 t


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