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  • After I shut down my C182 following a 15 minute flight and pushed it back into the hangar, I turned the prop and found the starter was still engaged.

    1. Is there any trouble shooting I can do to see if the starter is still good?

    2. Can I as the pilot remove and replace the starter, or do I need my maintenance guy to do it?

    Thanks in advance.

  • All,

    Just to close the loop, the throttle cable was trashed according to my mechanic.  He installed the McFarlane cable and it works great.




  • Chris,

    Thanks for the excellent advice.  Without going into the log books, this is likely the original throttle cable, the engine has never had a major overhaul.  It sounds prudent to replace the cable anyway and I like your recommendation.

  • All,

    Coming out of altitude I reduced power with a minor adjustment to the throttle.  It felt like there may have been a little binding so I pulled more power and added several times – no problem.  Established downwind and felt no other binding.  Starting to turn base and establish a descent, I pulled the throttle and the power stayed there.  I i…[Read more]

  • Ron,

    That’s excellent feedback on the L3 9000.  I think it will suit my needs perfectly in a couple years, well next year.

  • Henry,

    I get it.   A couple weeks ago I was flying west with the sun getting low and ATC called and said “converging traffic 11 o’clock, 7 miles, same altitude, recommend climb or descend immediately”.  I never did see the guy and it was CAVU.  That’s when ATC had time to call the traffic.

  • Henry,

    Excellent points that are to be considered.  As a “gap filler” until I get a fully compliant system, these are things I’ll pay attention to, and maybe Seattle Avionics will have some work arounds or advice similar to yours that will make it a more workable solution.  Certainly this system has its inherent risks and I will treat it that w…[Read more]

  • Egon,

    Thanks, now I can see why there isn’t much difference!  And also for the info on the Appereo Stratus.  I had researched this option but still waiting for a longer term solution before spending more money.

  • I’ve decided to save my money and install an L3 Lynx in a couple years to comply with the ADS-B mandate.  In the meantime, I see a lot of value with the situational awareness ADS-B provides.

    As an interim solution, I’m thinking of buying either the Merlin or the Stratux receivers that I can link through WiFi to my iPAD.  Both are dual mode in a…[Read more]

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