210 Buyer’s Guide (Digital)


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Over the years, staff at the Cessna Pilots Association have given a number of talks, seminars and classes on Cessna aircraft around the country including EAA‘s AirVenture at Oshkosh. At the end of these sessions there are always a few people who expressed a thought along the lines of: Boy, I wish I had talked to you before I bought my airplane. This buyer’s guide is the best way we have found to talk to everyone before they buy their airplane.

This book gathers together all of the really important information on buying a Cessna 210 Centurion. Some of the details highlighted in this guide are: performance numbers, changes between years, safety aspects, insurance, pricing, answers to frequently asked questions, modifications, airworthiness directives and much more. The Pre-Purchase Inspection Guidelines will be particularly useful to buyers, as it will guide them to finding the right 210 at the right price.

Note on models covered: This edition of the guide does not include the P210 Pressurized Centurions.

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