Cessna 182 Skylane Buyer’s Guide (Updated Edition)


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Cessna Pilots Association has one of the largest libraries of technical information on Cessna aircraft in the world, and we have been collecting information and answering questions for our members for over 30 years. Although most of our members are already owners of a Cessna aircraft, ownership is only one stage of being a Cessna Pilot. For those of you looking to buy a Cessna, or maybe looking to buy a different model, CPA has gathered some of the most useful information into our series of Buyer’s Guides. These books are a great overview of the aircraft they cover, and while most useful to the soon-to-be-owner, many current owners find the information useful and learn valuable information about their aircraft they might not have known otherwise. We all know that aviation is not a cheap hobby, and one of the main themes you will find in our literature are ways to operate efficiently and forward thinking so that your costs are as limited as possible, while flying as safely as possible. The first step in this journey is picking the right airplane for you.

The 182 Buyer’s Guide is a comprehensive walk through all of the most important information on buying a Cessna 182 Skylane. Topics include performance numbers, changes made throughout production years, safety aspects, insurance, pricing, modifications, airworthiness directives, and much more. The Pre-Purchase Inspection Guidelines included in the book are particularly useful as a practical approach for examining an aircraft and determining its true condition.

One thing we have discovered over the years is that the Cessna 182 Skylane is such a solid aircraft that it is hard to find a “bad” one. Even if the maintenance has been poor and the use hard, some love and attention–and of course some money–will return the aircraft quickly to the quality airplane it was when it was first produced.

Note on models covered: This guide covers the 1956-1986 fixed gear Cessna 182 Skylane and the 1981-1986 turbo-charged, fixed gear T182 Turbo-Skylane. This book does not include the retractable landing gear R182 Skylane RG or its sister ships–the turbo-charged, retractable landing gear TR182 Turbo-Skylane RG. Additionally, the Lycoming-powered Skylanes introduced in 1997 are not covered in this guide.

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