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CPA Forums have been active for over 20 years, with topics covering nearly every aspect of owning, flying, and maintaining your Cessna. Our Legacy Forums have over 1 million searchable posts to complement our live forums.

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Our beautiful full color magazine brings you clear articles and detailed photos about maintenance and operation each month. Plus our archive of tech and maintenance articles.

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CPA's Tech Archive is the best place to find technical articles and model histories for your favorite Cessna aircraft. CPA's Tech Notes are some of our most popular articles covering some of our favorite topics, and can't be missed.

Cessna Pilots Association (CPA) is dedicated to providing owners of Cessna piston singles and twins with the technical information, support services, and social events to allow them to enjoy and preserve their Cessna aircraft in a safe and economical fashion. We’ve been serving the Cessna-owner community for over 30 years.

CPA provides its membership with access to experts and a huge technical library. In addition to our tremendous archive, CPA is producing new content reguarly, and will keep the membership informed of all the latest news and bulletins.

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Connect with fellow Cessna pilots and enthusiasts from all over the USA and throughout the world.

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Would you invest one weekend to learn more about your Cessna aircraft than 99% of your fellow Cessna owners will ever know? If you want to learn about your Cessna, there is simply no better way than by attending these seminars. Each of the instructors is an experienced mechanic, aircraft owner, and high-time pilot. We will go through all the systems and how they work, problem areas, maintenance tips, and safe operation.