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CPA Systems & Procedures Courses are in-depth looks at all of the systems of the aircraft–from propeller to tail– as well as maintenance and inspection procedures for keeping the aircraft at peak performance. Our courses are taught by expert mechanics who hold FAA certificates for Airframe & Powerplant as well as Inspection Authorization

Keeping with the main purpose of CPA, our Systems & Procedures courses are designed to focus on maintenance and safety issues. Pilots who attend these courses report that not only do they know more about their airplanes, but they also save money annually by putting that knowledge into practice. What could be better than learning more about your favorite aircraft while also allowing you to fly more often and more efficiently? Many insurance companies will also give you a recurrent training discount after attending a course.

During a Systems & Procedures Course, you’ll explore almost every detail of the aircraft. When you look at the airframe and wings, you’ll investigate the section all the way into the bladder and at crucial attachment points. Components like wings have a lot of rivets and hardware, and you’ll learn things such as why the rivets are placed in their locations and why certain maintenance procedures are invaluable for longevity.

But you won’t only see the drawings and schematics at a CPA Course, you will also have time allotted for a hands-on walkthrough of an aircraft. You’ll learn practical tips for procedures like lifting the aircraft on a jack or some ways to improve the rigging of the aircraft.

Although you won’t be doing any flying, sections like Powerplant Management will go through some techniques around starting the engine or what is the right circumstance to run lean of peak.

The courses have proven to be very popular with Cessna Pilots since their inception, but over the years, they have also become regularly attended by mechanics and shop owners. Because our Systems & Procedures courses have been certified by the FAA as an Inspection Authorization refresher training course, by taking one of our courses, an IA can send the certificate we give them to the FAA and that is all they need to do to renew their certification.

Below are all of our FAA-certified Systems & Procedures Courses.


Legacy 205/206/207 Systems and Procedures

210 (1972 and later) Systems and Procedures

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