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  • The 28V DC rating just means it can handle anything up to 28 V so 12V is fine. The Digikey 302-1496-ND and allied ETA 413-K14-LN2-60A are the same part but Allied has a better price.



  • I had the same problem as they are not available for a reasonable price from any of the standard aviation suppliers. Found a good UL listed replacement at for $58, part number 302-1496-ND.



  • They look the same as on my 182L, although yours are in much better shape! On mine there was some type of adhesive and three pins on the emblem back that insert into holes in the yoke. I heated and slowly pried off with no damage. I did lightly bend one corner but was able to flatten it back out easily. On my yokes you can see the holes on the…[Read more]

  • I’m not an expert but I have had issues on my 182L with the positive pressure in the cowl pushing out one of the cowl flap sides causing wear against the cowl opening. I could imagine a situation in which a pushed out cowl flap side could catch on the cowl during closure. One side catching could lock up the whole mechanism and on the ground with…[Read more]

  • I am definitely no expert here as just an owner, but I asked an IA about replacing my switches in a similar fashion as you are doing. He said as long as they met the same or better specs like voltage and current and were certified by UL or similar certification agency that they could be used. In short, switches fall under the “standard electronic…[Read more]

  • I went through this same process when I bought my 68′ 182L as it was my #1 safety upgrade priority. I am still very happy with my choices after 3 years of use. I chose the following.

    Front – Went with the BAS inertial reel four point harness with standard buckle. The inertial reel makes it easy to reach around the panel and down to the fuel…[Read more]

  • I replaced mine after it started leaking a couple years ago on a 1968 182L. The plunger shaft top o-ring is down about 3/8″ down from the top if my memory is correct. It was very challenging to get out without scratching the aluminum recess it sits in as the o-ring was dried out making it stiff in the tight slot deep down a narrow hole. Not much…[Read more]

  • Nic, last year on my 182L I replaced all my primary engine instruments with a JPI-900 and removed all the old instruments so I can talk to that. My understanding is that the 900 is very similar in features to the 830 but approved to replace the primary instruments. Works great and provides much more information with data logging. Either device is…[Read more]

  • Cessna extended the free secondary seat stop in SEB07-5R6 to Dec 31, 2018. My 182L does not have one and I am looking at adding. Is this a good upgrade? Can I order from YingLing parts, have my A&P install, and i submit credit from Cessna for just the part. Credit is important because cost is $1266. SEB states “To receive credit, the work must be…[Read more]

  • Thanks Ed and Jeff, your references led to the correct diameters based on the -6/-8 which look correct by eyeballing the tubes.

  • I also use 9:1 on my 182L to be a little more conservative than the POH.

  • On my 182L the small 2″ to 3″ segments of fuel hose that interconnect the front pillar aluminum fuel lines and cross over vent tube are cracked and need replacement. The Cessna part numbers are S1495-6-3.00 and S1495-8-2.50 but I can’t find a cross reference of them to hose diameters. I know the -3.00 and -2.50 portions are the length in inches.…[Read more]

  • I just got 2 headrests off Ebay for $19 each shipped. They are for a 97-01 Toyota Camry and can tilt forward and back. I used screw driver tip to find and puncture the mounting holes in the seat backs. Then used a razor to cut a little material out of the way. Headrests slipped right in. Only negative is they weight 1.9 pounds each. Will likely be…[Read more]

  • I just got my 182L last year and am doing the same upgrades

    1. For seat belt harnesses went with BAS in front. Easy install and work great as the spring retraction force is just right. You forget they are there even when reaching forward to pick items off the floor. Went with standard buckle which is nice as closing is a single operation without…[Read more]

  • Thanks Ronald. Your suggestions worked perfectly!

    Took two of us to hammer them off with a rubber mallet. One holding the shaft to avoid damaging the control system with the hammer blows and the other hammering.  Also required a heat gun to heat up and expand the control shaft around the yoke male end. I think I will sand down the male end a…[Read more]

  • I have the same issue but with a larger windshield gap due to STOL leading edge cuff. The hook and loop solution sounds much better than what I found, a packed in dish towel and duct tape. I can’t find a link for the old forums to further research. Does anyone know how to access?

  • On the old forum (I cant find anymore) there were posts about the correct car models and years that were a direct fit for the Cessna seat backs. Does anyone recall the specific car models to get a good fit? My plane has original 182L 68′ seats if that matters.

  • The finish on my Yokes is badly worn so I will be refinishing them with new powder coat. Unfortunately I can’t get the darn things removed from the control column shafts. 3 Screws were removed from each but the close tolerance fit will not budge and mechanical force must be limited to avoid control system damage. Any advice or tricks on how to…[Read more]

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