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  • Our club 1977 172N has had a radio upgrade. Has anyone have experience in mounting the cooling pans that go on either side of the radio stack? Specifically the two clips that span across the stack and hold the two pans tight to the rack? Does one go up high and the other one low? Why are there so many holes in the pan and only two clips? I have…[Read more]

  • Our club 1977 172N is under going a radio stack upgrade. Any one have experience with securing the two cooling pans that mount on either side of the stack, specifically the clips that span from one side to the other?  I’m having a slow motion delicate wrestling match trying to position all the components without doing any damage to the jungle of…[Read more]

  • Our club has a 1968 182L that just has lap belts. Researching, I have found what appears to be 2 options for an “across the shoulder” harness. One attaches to the corner of the doorpost and one attaches, single point, to the top center of the cockpit roof serving both front seats. I’m looking for opinions of either if anyone has dealt with this.…[Read more]

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